It’s no secret that starting a business is about as terrifying as it is rewarding and exhilarating. After launching 2 (now 3!) online businesses, I have to say that fear is something I’ve gotten pretty good at navigating…except that with each new venture, there’s a healthy dose of it that comes around the bend.

And, while fear is often something you just have to punch in the face to get the job done, sometimes that nagging little voice needs to be heeded. If you hear “Danger Will Robinson,” you may need to slow down a bit so you can dive deeper, explore the underlying causes further, and confront those demons head on before taking the next step forward.

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One, Two, *ZAP*

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As I mention in the episode, I’m a bit stuck at the moment regarding how to best serve my ideal clients. I’ve recently become a Disney Travel Agent with Ear to There Travel, and I would love it if you’d follow the journey as I figure out my next steps in my new venture over on my Ear To There Travel Facebook page!

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