Inspiration for this episode came from an unlikely place: my kiddo’s laundry basket.

As I was doing the 3-6 month to 6-12 month clothing transition over the last week (ok…month…), I noticed a strange connection between those labels and the entrepreneurial journey.

How fast we have to grow and iterate in the beginning of our business journey can be downright crazy-making, but the slower-paced progress on the other side of launch frenzy can be uncomfortable as well.

Wherever you happen to be in this journey, you are not alone! Take a listen and remember to comment on today’s question so I can create episodes that will help you continue to make forward progress.

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As I mention in the episode, I am SO excited to be attending Lou Mongello’s 3rd annual Momentum Conference this fall in Walt Disney World! I hope you’ll join me and the other amazing entrepreneurs as we learn together and help move our businesses forward!

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