We’re baaaaack! I am so excited to get back to recording the Unsexy Side for you again!

Remember that scene from Twister with the cows flying through the air? I feel like that in my business sometimes; that there are too many cows to pay attention to the tornado bearing down on me.

That’s what the last 9 months have looked like in my business. Today I’ll share why I had to push pause my podcasts and a put a lot of other things to the side so I could focus on course creation over at Higher Scores Test Prep, and what the next 3 months of transition look like in my business and personal life.

Times are a-changing, but there is a great deal of peace that has come into my life from this journey. I’m hoping that, by sharing my story, you’ll be able to reclaim focus on the thing that matters most – the tornado – instead of feeling caught in the never-ending cycle of wrangling cows.

We’ve Got Cows

Recommended Books

The 2 books I recommended in today’s episode were Essentialism and Simplicity Parenting. I highly recommend both!


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