Live With Purpose

Hey there, friend!

I am so glad you’re here today. Here’s why…

In order to find this page, you have been asking the kinds of questions that show 3 true things about you.

1. You honestly and bravely acknowledge where you are right now.

Most people never frankly assess where they are because sometimes the answer can be scary or defeating to look at.

If you’ve discovered that the path you’re currently on is lacking in some way or you're feeling like you're falling shy on living with purpose in some way, pat yourself on the back.

You are brave to have examined the truth at all rather than staying stuck.

2. You hold hope for the future even if you feel lost in the moment.

When you're feeling disconnected to your purpose or as though you're not yet sure what your purpose really is but you ask the questions that lead you to ideas that will help you move forward, it shows that you know on some level that the answer is out there for you to find.

It’s hard to hold on to hope when the chips are down, and you are doing it. Good on ya!

3. You are a person who is willing to learn and to take action.

You know that what you’ve been doing isn’t working and you have at least an inkling that there's something more out there for you.

Since you're seeking out support, that shows that you’re open to learning a new way to do things. Folks who don't want to change don't do this.

You are ready to take steps towards living a life of purpose, and that is to be commended. 

Even if all three statements don’t feel true of you right now, that’s ok. The fact that you are here means you’re well ahead of so many others who are in a similar situation.

And there are many who are in a similar situation.

Our world is full of folks floating through their day-to-day lives, feeling frustrated, unfulfilled, and unwilling to change a thing.

I'm excited to share some strategies and tools to help you find your purpose, create your personal mission statement, and support you as you live with purpose every day.

It's time to tap into the incredible well of potential that lives inside of you and share your amazing gifts with the world.

Let's roll...

Find Your Purpose

Big Why Life: An Online Course To Help You Name Your Purpose, Craft Your Personal Mission Statement & Live A Purpose-Driven Life

One of the biggest misconceptions about creating a personal mission statement is that the act of creation is a one-and-done affair. That, once you have it, your Big Why is locked and will never change and that somehow you are a failure if your life circumstances shift or you feel the urge to move your life in a different direction.

If you are struggling to live your life with purpose and want to learn a personal mission statement creation process that is values-driven and can support you through all of life's changes, Big Why Life is for you.

An Online Course To Help You Name Your Purpose, Craft Your Personal Mission Statement & Live A Fulfilling Purpose-Driven Life

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Live Your Purpose