About Me

Lauren Gaggioli, Digital Strategist and Online Entrepreneur

Hi friend!

I’m Lauren, and I’m so glad you’re here because it is my favorite thing in the world to meet other digital entrepreneurs who are equally obsessed with building their online businesses.

I’ve been an entrepreneur and digital strategist for over 14 years, first running and marketing my in-home tutoring company and then building and selling ACT & SAT prep courses online.

Even though I had already been an entrepreneur for a while, getting started online was incredibly mentally taxing. The learning curve was steep, which was (thankfully) mostly invigorating.

I do love a good challenge, but it felt like my brain was on fire 95% of the first year. There was so much to learn and do!

Thankfully, in growing my first online business, I figured it out and came out on top. 

From 2014-2021, I...

  • Consistently generated 5-figures of passive online course revenue ranging from $35,000 to $70,000 for 7 consecutive years.
  • Hosted a podcast with over 300,000 downloads and 80+ 5 star ratings and reviews.
  • Grew my email list to over 8,500+ subscribers in a niche with a 100% attrition rate every 4 years. (Said another way: after kids graduate high school, their families unsubscribe. Even if you’re doing everything right, there’s nearly 100% turnover every 4 years.)
  • Developed a website that had, in its final year under my ownership, an average of 10,260 unique users per month - 80% of which was from organic traffic.
  • Handled every aspect of the business including curriculum development, on-camera instruction, video and audio editing, copywriting, website and systems management, email marketing, customer service, and more with only occasional contracted outside support.
  • Crafted systems that allowed me to work less than 4 hours a week for the 4 years I was full-time momming.
  • Delighted my clients by delivering tremendous results and stellar service, as witnessed by their glowing testimonials.
  • Sold my online test prep company for six figures in less than 6 months within my network and without a broker.

But please know: these metrics were hard won. There’s a great deal of unseen education and iteration that went on behind the scenes to achieve these happy headlines.

In short, I’ve learned a whole heck of a lot over the decade, and I am eager to share that knowledge with you - particularly if you’re in a place where you’re feeling like your growth is stalling or your energy is dwindling.

I've become an online business coach and small business consultant because there are so many roadblocks on the path of entrepreneurship. 

And, frankly, most digital entrepreneurs find those roadblocks kind of exciting.

But with so much to learn and manage as you run your online business, the long-tail effect of digital entrepreneurship is often fatigue and frustration if your business isn't growing as you think it should. 

The irony is that those low moments are usually when you're best poised for a sensational victory. But we often need someone outside our business to offer us the tough love and accountability we need to dig deep and make that final push to level up.

Having a trusted mentor by your side when the road gets rough is absolutely essential for your success, and I am here to be that mentor for you.

And the best way for us to begin working through the rough patches of your digital business together and set you on an upward trajectory towards massive success is with a Spark & Start Session. 

On the personal side, I’m also a wife and mom to 2 funny little nuggets…

...or 4 if you count the kids with paws...

...or 11 if you include our sourdough starter, Bessie, and our ever-increasing indoor plant collection. #SoBasic

In my free time, I enjoy:

  • homebrewing beer, 
  • growing veggies in my garden, 
  • reading business and personal development books with a smattering of fantasy and YA novels in the mix, 
  • practicing hot yoga, 
  • baking up deliciousness inspired by the Great British Baking Show, and 
  • training for RunDisney half marathons.

To learn more about how we can work together to grow your business, you can:

I can’t wait to work with you and start removing impediments to your success in online business.

Chat soon,

Lauren G.