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Organic Content Marketing Strategies That Turn Strangers On The Internet Into Happy Clients

Are you sick of spaghetti-at-the-walls marketing that yields little to no return on investment?

Are you tired of pouring into the bottomless bucket of the 24-hour social media cycle?

Is your website feeling underleveraged and lackluster, but you have no idea how to fix it?

If you answered yes to any of the above, I am so glad you're here. Because I know 2 things for certain...

1. There's hope here. Lots of it. 

2. There's a simple solution to the challenges that you're facing.

Google Is The Solution To Your Content Strategy Needs

Every business solves a problem. People with problems (aka prospects) ask Google for support.

There are amazing tools available that can give you insight into the exact queries that your ideal prospect is typing into Google.

Not only can you see the precise language that folks are using, but you can also identify how many people are searching for those terms each month and how hard it is to rank for each.

It's better to do nothing than to work on something that doesn't matter.
It's better to rest than to climb the wrong mountain.

James Clear

As I often say, the devil is in the data. 

If you're crafting content strategies without looking at the data available, it's akin to throwing darts in the dark and hoping you'll hit a bulls-eye

However, data isn't the whole story.

Data + Heart = Organic Marketing Magic

Here's the thing: you can have heaps of data and dish up content that meets those queries, but the real magic lies in identifying the challenges faced by your ideal prospect and meeting each person who needs your products and services with empathy and information.

If you can...

  1. Determine precisely what your ideal prospect is typing into Google at the moment they need your product or services,
  2. Craft content on your website that warmly welcomes those ideal prospects to your digital doorstep and invites them to stay connected, and
  3. Clearly indicate to Google what you and your business are all about...'ve got a winning content strategy.

It's a lovely little SEO sandwich with a sweet, wholehearted middle.

And if you're excited by the idea of a content marketing plan that’s equal parts research-backed, SEO-optimized, human-centric, and conversion-focused, I'm the organic content strategist to partner with.

Meet Your Content Strategy Consultant

Meet Lauren Gaggioli - digital entrepreneur, SEO fangirl, and content strategist.

Hi! I'm Lauren.

I've been executing content marketing strategies in my own business since 2014, driving 2.2 million lifetime views via organic traffic in my 7 years of ownership, averaging 16,000 new users per month for 3 years at that website's peak.

I grew to enjoy organic marketing so much that I sold my first company in 2021 and have been serving clients as a content strategy consultant ever since.

Both my site traffic as well as my sales numbers have risen since the work we've done was implemented.

Lauren's knowledge is vast when it comes to Google and what direction you need to go when it comes to your business. She has been wonderful to work with, kind, caring, and has really taken what my business needs to heart.

Both my site traffic as well as my sales numbers have risen since the work we've done was implemented. The steps that I have taken with Lauren's guidance has made a large impact on my business and I am so thankful for her help!

Here's How My Content Strategy Services Support You

Should you choose to engage my services, together we’ll...

  • increase organic traffic to your website,
  • provide a clear path to purchase for your new-found prospects,
  • ensure that your uptick in traffic results in an increase in income, and
  • end the burnout cycle around content creation once and for all.

My flagship offering, Content Catalyst, has two options for engagement - Done For You and Done With You - so that I can support a wide range of clients and budget needs.

I adore collaborating with passionate entrepreneurs and helping elevate their businesses' reach and revenue. And I firmly believe that all small business owners deserve high-quality, affordable SEO services that bring visibility to the unique offerings that they bring to the world.

If you'd like to work together, your next right step is to book a discovery call.

During our 25 minute conversation, I'll learn about you and your business and make sure we're a great fit on all fronts to take the next steps towards working together.

Content Catalyst: 5 Steps To Strategic Content Creation

Together we’ll journey through the Content Catalyst system and execute my 5 step plan to help you get more organic traffic while doing (a lot) less work.

Step 1: Asset Audit

What have you built so far? A website? An email list? A podcast? A social following?

Let’s examine where you’re starting, assess what’s working, and figure out what’s no longer serving you or your clients.

Step 2: Visionary Interview

Help me understand your business’s journey so far. I’ll interview you to learn more about your vision for the business upon founding, where it is now, and how you envision it growing in the future.

This is a safe place for honest assessment of what’s working (and what’s not) and Blue Sky Thinking about the future. 

Step 3: Keyword Research

Combining where you are with where you want to be, I’ll come up with a list of research-backed keywords to help you level-up your website's presence in the Google Search Results Pages (SERPs). 

These are the searches your ideal clients are making right now that are leading them to your competitors’ websites rather than yours. Knowledge is power. We can’t know the traffic you’re missing out on until we unearth these terms. 

Step 4: Strategic Content Plan

Less aimless motion. More momentum. My strategic content plan will empower you to quit flapping around and become a steadfast beacon to Google and to your ideal client. I’ll craft a crystal clear SEO-optimized content marketing plan that will turn your website into a digital lead-generating machine. 

More qualified inbound leads. Zero ad spend. The magic starts here.

Step 5: SEO Copywriting or SEO Copyediting

Here's where the biggest difference between the Done For You and Done With You services arise.

Want to push the easy button? Have an SEO copywriter capture your voice Little Mermaid-style, do the hard work of content creation, and publish pillar posts that will both rank in search and make opting in to your email list the inevitable next right step for those new-found cold leads. I partner with trusted copy experts who have exceptional writing chops and deep knowledge of on-page SEO best practices to take this task off your to do list for good - and for the good of your company.

Prefer to learn the ins and outs of SEO copywriting yourself? I'll come alongside you and support your content creation efforts by providing SEO copyediting on the posts you create, ensuring that your content aligns with the agreed upon content strategy, is crystal clear and helpful to prospects, and signals to Google exactly who you are, what you do, and how you and your business serve others.

Lauren is incredibly responsive and took great care to make sure we felt comfortable dealing with an unfamiliar subject.


As a new startup looking to optimize our website and content creation strategy using SEO, I was thrilled with how Lauren took the time to understand our needs as a business and laid out a comprehensive 6-month plan for us to follow. 

Lauren is incredibly responsive and took great care to make sure we felt comfortable dealing with an unfamiliar subject. During our time engaging with Lauren I truly came to think of her as a friend and confidant. She even took the time to help us network with people she thought might be a good fit for us to connect with.

Not sure about how to use SEO for your business/content? Look no further - Lauren rocks!

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Ready For Google to Serve You Heaps of Prospects...Without An Ad Spend?

Your next right step is to book a discovery call with me to see if we're a good fit to work together.

During our 25 minute conversation, I'll learn about you and your business and make sure we're a great fit on all fronts to take the next steps towards working together.

Book your discovery call today, and I look forward to meeting you on Zoom!