Organic Marketing Ecosystem

The Organic Marketing Course That Helps Entrepreneurs Leverage SEO Principles To Turn Strangers On The Internet Into Happy Clients

Ready To Learn SEO The Profitable,

Actually-Doable-For-The-Average-Solopreneur Way?

Organic Marketing Ecosystem is a 5 module online organic marketing course designed to help you...

  • leverage keyword research to gain insight into the precise language that your ideal client is typing into the Google search bar - including how many searches are conducted per month and how easy or difficult it is to rank for those terms,
  • validate or refine the framing of your paid products and services and reveal new profitable offerings you can create,
  • curate a data-backed, SEO-optimized content plan created based on timeless SEO principles, user experience considerations, and conversion copywriting best practices that will lead prospects to your digital doorstep at the exact moment they're facing the problems you solve with your free gifts for email subscribers and paid offerings for clients, and
  • learn the bare minimum technical SEO know-how you need (but have been avoiding) to make your website pop in Google SERPs yourself or to skillfully quarterback your web dev's implementation of those changes.

With the Organic Marketing Ecosystem, you'll learn how to craft thoughtful, purpose-driven content, backed by solid keyword research and best practices for search engine optimization, that supports both your clients' and business's growth. 

In less than 10 hours' time across 5 easy-to-access video modules, you'll walk away with:

  • a firm understanding of timeless SEO principles that matter most,
  • the free tools and proven tactics you need to get your web pages ranking in Google search,
  • a clear vision of the path you're creating for organic search traffic to facilitate creating transformation for them and an increased bottom line for you, and
  • a 6-month SEO-backed content strategy that ensures that the content you create today will be discovered by your ideal prospect via Google and, ultimately, boost your bottom line too.

After all, increased traffic is just a vanity metric.

Let's harness the power of SEO to create more ease and abundance in your online business...

Who Is The Organic Marketing Ecosystem For?

Organic Marketing Ecosystem is different than other organic marketing courses because it takes into account the full view of what it means to be a digital entrepreneur running an online business.

I launched this program because of all the amazing solopreneurs I'm lucky to be friends with who are exhausted by the beautiful businesses they've built - with no rest in sight.

They love their companies, but many have built gilded cages that they can't break free of. 

  • They're stuck in the time for money exchange, struggling to balance serving the clients they have and finding the prospects they need to fill their pipeline.
  • They are at the mercy of social media algorithm changes as they produce heaps of content to fill the bottomless bucked of social media.
  • They long for consistent passive income but, with all of the responsibilities of the current business model on their own shoulders, they don't have the time and bandwidth to create the products that will ensure their future, sustainable success.

If that sounds like where you are in your business, then SEO is an answer to your prayers and the Organic Marketing Ecosystem is the best way for you to learn about it.

Here's why...

3 Staggering Statistics

When I first began crafting the Organic Marketing Ecosystem program and creating presentations for speaking engagements at entrepreneurial conferences and online summits, I came across some staggering statistics that confirmed what I was seeing anecdotally among my friends and colleagues.

Web Pages That Receive No Traffic Via Organic Search



Online Course Participants That Never Complete Their Programs



Online Businesses That Fail - Often In The First 4 Months


When I saw these numbers, my heart sank. I could see the humans struggling behind each of these terrible statistics. I knew them personally.

But these numbers also spoke to others who I didn't know yet but desperately wanted to help.

After picking up my jaw up from the floor, I was also filled with tremendous gratitude. 

With my first company, Higher Scores Test Prep, which I helmed from 2014-2021, I had unwittingly built an elusively successful online business that capitalized on asynchronous courses (aka passive income) as its cornerstone offering.

  • I had created it with a supportive entrepreneurial community around me to ensure my accountability to deadlines. 
  • I had built it so that it could run without my constant attention. 
  • I had committed to SEO early in the company's trajectory, which drove new prospects to my offers precisely when they needed the courses that I sold.

SEO Is The Solution

SEO is the foundation of the ease and abundance that I was able to create with my first company.

SEO allowed me to take a 2 week European vacation and make my full mortgage payment in that time - while only checking my email a handful of times. Bonkers!

SEO is how I ultimately achieved the elusive 4 Hour Work Week while I full-time mommed my 2 kids. My favorite perk!

Here are some of the other stats from my first company that I'm really proud of...

  • From July 2017 - June 2019, the Higher Scores website welcomed 400,000 new users via organic search. That's 16,000 targeted new leads each month that Google delivered to right to my digital doorstep. For free.
  • Created a robust opt-in gift that welcomed over 8,000 people to the Higher Scores email list over 4 years - even with the pandemic significantly suppressing interest in college admissions and, specifically, ACT & SAT testing nationwide during that time.
  • Made a great living - $3,000-$15,000 per month - with huge profit margins, eventually tapering my work hours and putting in only 4 hours a week without taking a hit to my revenue.
  • Sold my first company in 2021 for $180,000, a significant percentage of the company's valuation resting on the strength of the organic traffic stats and email list growth.

The only reason I could do all of this was because I figured out how to collaborate with Google and drive enough traffic to create a sustainable income.

So I sold my first company with 1 mission in mind: to support other digital entrepreneurs who are searching for the time and financial freedom so many of us built our online businesses to acquire.

And Google is the key to it all.

Google Is A Matchmaker. Empower Him To Work For You. For Free.

All Google does all day long is serve up warm prospects (people who asked a question in the Google search bar) to web pages created by folks have 3 things: 

  1. Answers to the questions being asked,
  2. Expertise to answer those questions well, and
  3. Just enough SEO know-how to stand out in the crowd.

And he does this for you without asking you for anything in return other than quality content. No ad spend.

Zero cost to you.

SEO is the ultimate permission marketing tool because your ideal prospect literally asked Google to connect them with the information or solution you provide.

And since only 3.5% of web pages are receiving organic search traffic - and a full 2% of those receive 10 visits per month or less - you don't have to do everything right to stand out. 

Even minimal shifts can get you into the search engine results pages.

If SEO Isn't Difficult, Why Do Solopreneurs Avoid It?

We digital entrepreneurs are a bootstrapping, scrappy bunch who aren't afraid of a challenge.

So, then, why does SEO feel so unattainable to the most gutsy, innovative people who literally make something from nothing every single day and whose businesses live and die by the motto "Screw it! I'll figure it out!"?

I believe it's because the SEO industry at large is out to make things seem so difficult that they can get your business. 

  • They harp on scarcity mindset tactics and say you'll never beat out the big corporations on your own.
  • A lot of them are bro marketers who feel slick and scammy.
  • They focus exclusively on volume of traffic, sometimes employing unethical black-hat SEO tactics.
  • They create impersonal, generic content that drives clicks but instantly repels readers because it doesn't genuinely support the reader's transformation or continued growth with you.

But - honestly - SEO doesn't have to be that hard. And I'm living proof of that.

I've built a site that's been seen by over 2.2 million new users via organic traffic in its lifetime that were hand delivered to me (for free) by Google.

  • I've done it creating content in the highly competitive college admissions space against well-staffed companies like Kaplan, Revolution Prep, and Princeton Review.
  • I've done it while wearing all the other hats in my business and at home.
  • I've done it in an ethical way that shared quality information into the greater ecosystem of the internet.
  • I've done it in a way that attracted right-fit clients without pushy sales tactics. 

So I come at SEO and organic marketing from a decidedly different angle than most SEO professionals.

I come to organic marketing through the lenses of possibility and practicality, while creating content that genuinely serves every prospect sent my way and with an eye on my own profitability.

I can't express ENOUGH with how much Lauren has transformed my business.

samantha stern,

I can't express ENOUGH with how much Lauren has transformed my business. She's assisted in SEO in a way that was manageable to understand, instead of just "trusting the expert" and allowing other to DO. It helped me become independent in my own learning, so that I can replicate the knowledge for the future. She's also supported in streamlining my business expansion. Will forever be grateful.

What Is Covered In The Organic Marketing Ecosystem Course?

The Organic Marketing Ecosystem is designed to help you validate your direction in business by mining readily available data and then support you as you craft a sound content marketing plan that will meet your ideal prospect where they are and facilitate the transformation you help them create in their lives.

Timeless SEO Principles

There's a lot of hand wringing in the SEO space over every little change. My thought? Quality content always wins. But there are some timeless SEO principles that you must adhere to for your content to become visible on the search engine results pages and gain organic search traffic. Your website's health is also vital to ensuring a healthy flow of organic traffic - but all metrics are not created equal. I'll walk you through the most important things that you need to take care of ASAP and what you can relax about and put on a future wish list.

Data-Backed Organic Marketing Plans

You'll walk away from the course with a spreadsheet of keyword research that you've curated and custom-tailored to the business you've so lovingly created. I'll walk you through exactly how to interpret this data and develop a 6 month data-backed content plan that stands at the intersection of Google's bots and your ideal prospect's search intent.

Transformation-Focused UX

Your keyword research is a trove of treasure. It holds the keys to the language your ideal prospects are using to describe their challenges and search for the solutions you provide. This gift allows you to meet your prospects where they are, craft empathetic content that resonates deeply with them and, through your expertise as shared via your posts and sales pages, facilitate the next steps in their transformation with your free and paid offerings. 

In just 5 short, easy-to-understand modules, you'll learn the skills required to gain traffic via organic search and to welcome those new leads Google sent you onto your email list and convert them to clients.

Here's how the course is organized...

Module 1 | Introducing the Organic Marketing Ecosystem

What The Organic Marketing Ecosystem Is, Why It Matters, and How To Build It Well

Module 2 | Diving Into Data

Keyword Research Done Right

Module 3 | Research to Revenue

Connecting the Dots Between Increased Traffic & An Increased Bottom Line

Module 4 | Getting Technical

Signaling To Google That You Are Worthy Of Organic Search Traffic

Module 5 | A Rising Tide Lifts All Ships

Enriching Your Ecosystem With Connection While Being A Blessing To Others Too

Each of the 5 modules includes:

  • 3-5 short, impactful videos taught in non-technical language that you can watch in less than 1 hour
  • printable PDF summaries of each lesson, including links to all of the resources mentioned

I learned about so much about Search Engine Optimization that I never thought I needed to know.

My mind was blown. I learned about so much about Search Engine Optimization that I never thought I needed to know. The information and direction Lauren gave me has been extremely valuable, and I am now using it to improve the visibility, performance, and functionality of my website and my work. Thank you so much Lauren!

In addition to the modules, you'll need to set aside time for two 90-minute research sessions that leverage free SEO tools and a provided spreadsheet to help you organize your research. 

In less than 10 hours' time, you'll be empowered to:

  • implement SEO best practices (even some of the intimidating technical ones) with ease,
  • create content that appeals to humans first - and Google's bots too, and
  • position your online business for tremendous, ongoing success.

Worried You Won't Have The Willpower To Finish The Course?

I don't want you to be part of this stinky statistic. Because, the truth is, knowledge without action is useless.

I can give you the roadmap for awesome SEO, but you've got to drive it.

And that is the hardest part when you're sitting alone in your guest bedroom/home office at 9pm staring at the walls trying to muster the energy to go after your most audacious goals.

Your goals are important. What you envision for your business matters.

But we cannot go it alone. 

Online Course Participants That Never Complete Their Programs


You will not be going it alone with this program. You will, instead, receive ongoing email support to keep you on track with course completion so you will be able to charge across the finish line with gusto and have a refined, simplified, strategy-backed approach to content creation that will drive more clients to your digital doorstep.

Ready? Let's do this!

Let's Change The Crappy Stats...Together!

The Organic Marketing Ecosystem is an SEO course like no other, designed with you - the solopreneur - in mind so you can join the successful minority of entrepreneurs who tackle search engine optimization and build thriving, abundant businesses.

Web Pages That Receive Traffic Via Organic Search


Online Course Participants That Complete Their Programs


Online Businesses That Thrive With Fulfilled, Unfrazzled Owners


When you say yes to this course, you say yes to...

  • Making it as easy as possible for you to connect with your ideal prospect in the wilds of the internet by showing you the tremendous opportunities that are out there, ready and waiting for you to write the content that meets that search intent,
  • Sparking renewed excitement about the services you're offering and the content you're creating because you've vetted the data and know it solves a problem that numerous people are already searching for a solution to, 
  • Supporting your journey throughout the program with ongoing emails to keep you on track with your course completion timeline, and
  • Saying no, once and for all, to spaghetti-at-the-walls, darts-in-the-dark, energetically depleting marketing strategies so you can create a sustainable, strategic, self-perpetuating, profitable, data-backed organic marketing plan you can't wait to create.

Are you ready to join the successful minority?

Let's Do This!

 - Frequently Asked Questions -

Who is Organic Marketing Ecosystem for?

Organic Marketing Ecosystem is for solopreneurs, digital entrepreneurs, and small business owners who are committed to leveraging timeless SEO principles to craft content marketing plans that support the growth of their digital marketing ecosystems.

If you see the power and potential of Google's ability to drive organic search traffic to your business's digital doorstep, this course can help you set up a strong foundation from which to do it and provide you with the roadmap for creating quality content that will support your business's impact and profitability for years' to come.

How long does it take to learn SEO?

The Organic Marketing Ecosystem is built on the premise that, over the long haul, the arc of Google algorithm updates will always work in service of elevating better quality content.

So, throughout the course, we focus on how to craft research-backed, user-focused content that will speak to humans and bots alike, providing your ideal prospects compelling reasons to continue to engage with you while also indicating to Google that your content is:

  • written by a human expert,
  • useful to your human end users, and
  • crafted with key SEO considerations in mind.

I teach you how to do this in plain English rather than overly technical jargon. And I share it over the course of 5 core modules.

These 5 modules are comprised of 3-5 short videos (no more than 1 hour total watch time) with three 90-minute assigned research sessions included for homework.

In less than 10 hours, you'll have not just a firm grasp of core SEO concepts but also a complete 6-month research-backed, SEO-optimized content plan and the know-how and support to execute it.

By focusing on timeless SEO principles, we cut straight to the heart of what really matters so you can get your content into the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) faster and stay there longer.

Do you offer payment plans?

My goal is to make Organic Marketing Ecosystem as accessible as possible. To that end, you have 2 options for payment. 

  1. A one-time fee of $497
  2. Two monthly fees of $267

You are welcome to select whichever option is the better fit for you at checkout.

What are the details of your 14 day satisfaction guarantee?

I have been in the online education space a long time and, if there's one thing I hate, it's a messy, complicated refund policy.

Here are the full details with regard to my 14 day refund policy...

It is my sincerest hope that you love the work I share with you in the Organic Marketing Ecosystem. That said, your business's online presence is far too important to waste any time with mentors or programs that do not serve you. If you decide that the Organic Marketing Ecosystem is not for you, you have 14 days from your date of purchase to notify me by email at that you'd like to receive a refund. I will process your request and the full amount will be credited back to you in the original form of payment.

That's it. No loopholes or fine print.

My greatest joy is watching my students soar. If you feel this course is not for you, it can't help you do that. I genuinely hope you find other resources that will help you do just that.

How long will I have access to the Organic Marketing Ecosystem course?

Your purchase grants you access to Organic Marketing Ecosystem for 12 months; however, the 5 modules can be completed in as little as 10 hours.

I highly recommend that you complete the course within the first 2 months so that you can learn what you need to know to craft an exceptional 6-month SEO optimized content plan and take full advantage of the support of The Digital Entrepreneur's Accountability Group with your free gift of 2 months' access - though you may choose to join us beyond those initial 2 months.

This will give you the opportunity to dive back into the full program while creating a second 6-month content plan. 

Once you've done it twice, the system will become more effortless; however, you're also welcome to download and keep the PDF workbooks that accompany each module on hand so that you can return to them as you repeat the content creation cycle every 6 months.

How long does each module take to complete?

Each of the 5 modules in the program take no more than 1 hour to complete.

In addition to the lessons provided in the modules, you will will also be responsible for completing three 90-minute research sessions which will be assigned as homework throughout the course.

In your second Welcome email, I provide a syllabus with timestamps and homework assignments laid out so you can add the time needed to complete the work to your calendar.

When will I receive access to a new module?

When you join Organic Marketing Ecosystem, you will have the ability to access the entire course...with a slight caveat...

The progression of the lessons in the program is really important.

It's vital that you do the work in order. 

To support your efforts in this, you won't be able to click through to the next lesson until you've completed the prior one. 

Trust me. I get it. I'm a jump-around kinda gal myself. I love listening to my audiobooks at 1.5x too.

But you will progress further, faster if you go in order here. Each step is vital so I've crafted the flow of the program to ensure your greatest possible success.

And slowing down a bit - giving yourself time to digest each lesson and complete any assignments before jumping to the next - will ensure that the lessons have a lasting, sustainable impact on business's growth moving forward.

All in good time, young padawan. 

How often will you email me throughout the program?

In addition to a handful of welcome emails to ensure you're have access to the course and are supported in getting started, I will send you a weekly reminder email about the next module.

I will also send you notifications when your access to the course is about to expire so you can make sure you download your workbooks.

What if I have questions throughout the course?

I take my commitment to my students very seriously. 

Throughout the course, I will email you to help keep you on track and progressing through the program.

If you need help with technical support, you can reply to the emails sent via the program or email me directly at

If you have questions about the content in course, the best way to have those questions answered quickly and efficiently is to drop them into the membership group on LinkedIn. 

If you're looking for personalized feedback with regards to your content plans and would like a coaching session, you're welcome to register for a seat in my online mastermind or purchase a business coaching session.

I have a different question. Can you help me?

Of course! Just drop your question in the form below and I will be in touch!