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The Organic Marketing Course That Helps Entrepreneurs Leverage SEO Principles To Turn Strangers On The Internet In To Happy Clients

Ready To Learn SEO The Unslimy,

Actually-Doable-For-The-Average-Solopreneur Way?

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Organic Marketing Ecosystem is a 6-week live-led online organic marketing course designed to help you...

  • leverage keyword research to gain insight into the precise language that your ideal client is searching for in Google - and how often they are searching for it,
  • validate or refine the framing of your paid products and services and reveal new profitable offerings you could create,
  • curate a data-backed content plan created based on timeless SEO principles, user experience considerations, and conversion copywriting best practices that will lead prospects to your digital doorstep at the exact moment they're facing the problems you solve with your free and paid offerings, and
  • learn the technical SEO know-how you need (but have been avoiding) to make your website pop in Google SERPs - or to at least empower you to skillfully quarterback your web dev's implementation of those changes.*

*Yes, whether you're making the changes yourself or not, you do need some understanding of what matters to ensure you don't have the wool pulled over your eyes by shoddy web developers and scammy SEO agencies.

Best of all, I will show you how to develop an SEO strategy that ensures that this to-do today will take future to-do's off your very crowded plate. And boost your bottom line to boot.

Ready to leverage Google to create more ease and abundance in your business?

What Makes Organic Marketing Ecosystem Different From Other Organic Marketing Courses?

Organic Marketing Ecosystem is different than other organic marketing courses for entrepreneurs because it takes into account the full view of what it means to be an online entrepreneur these days.

Namely, that you're wearing too many hats already and you don't have time to waste faffing about with yet another time-sucking marketing strategy that becomes a full job unto itself and also might not work so well for you and your business.

Why I Launched The Organic Marketing Ecosystem

I launched this program because of all the amazing solopreneurs I have as friends who are exhausted by the beautiful businesses they've built with no rest in sight.

They love their businesses, but they've crafted guilded cages that they can't break free of.

It took me a long time to figure out why I didn't feel that way in my first company. And, once I figured out the why, I sold that company so I could help support my friends and colleagues who wanted some of that beautiful time and financial freedom so many of us crave.

How I Got Started As A Solopreneur

From 2014-2021, I created, built, and ran Higher Scores Test Prep - an online ACT & SAT prep business that delivered asynchronous online courses - almost exclusively by myself. 

My dad did my financials. My mom handled the shipping.

Every other hat in the company - from online course creation to marketing to video editing to podcast production to networking to sales to customer support - I wore it.

It was a heavy lift. And I am so grateful that I did it because it taught me how to be incredibly discerning about where I invested my time and energy.

Very early on, I chose to put my eggs in the organic SEO basket. It was the very best business decision that I ever made. 

There are 2 reasons I am so grateful that happenstance guided my attention to organic marketing.

Reason #1: I Learned How To Drive Organic Traffic Via Timeless SEO Principles 

From July 2017 - June 2019, the Higher Scores website welcomed 400,000 new users via organic search.

That's 16,000 targeted new leads each month that Google delivered to right to my digital doorstep. For free.

In that time, I... 

  • had my first child (It's a girl! Hooray!)
  • moved from California to Washington (The mountains were calling and so I went...) 
  • got pregnant again (This time, it's a boy! Yay morning sickness!)

I did all this amazing life stuff while full-time momming and only working about 4 hours per week.

The only reason I could do that was because I had figured out how to collaborate with Google and drive enough traffic to create a sustainable income fairly easily.

I was able to make a good living - anywhere from $3,000-$15,000 per month with 70% profit margins.

But there was a problem.

While I'd figured out organic SEO, I hadn't really honed in on how to harness that power into profitable conversions.

Reason #2: I Figured Out How To Welcome Cold Leads To My Site And Facilitate Their Transformation 

If you run the numbers above, you'll realize that I hadn't quite figured out conversion at that time. My income shows that my conversions were below the industry standard of 1%.

It wasn't until a bit later that I focused my attentions there. 

And, once I did, in addition to crafting a more clear, direct path to purchase for cold traffic who were ready to buy right away, I also created a well-positioned opt-in offer and follow-up sequence.

In the 4 years since that opt-in gift was added to the website, it has welcomed over 8,000 people to the email list.

2,000 new subscribers per year - even with the pandemic significantly suppressing interest in testing and college admissions nationwide for at least two of those four years.

Even in down times, it still performed.

That little opt-in converted former strangers on the internet to happy clients at a rate of 1.3% within the first 2 weeks of their being on the email list.

For the subscribers who engage and click any link in any of the emails in that welcome sequence, the conversion-to-client rate goes up to 2.2%.


So, how did I know what opt-in to build to generate those leads and sales? Keyword research.

The Devil Is In The Data

It's so stinking obvious to me now that I can't believe I missed it for so long.

The answer to my conversion problem was sitting there all along, right in the same fertile ground my traffic growth had sprung from: in my roots as an organic SEO geek.

We online entrepreneurs don't have time to waste. We are a bootstrappin', scrappy bunch who aren't afraid of a challenge.

So why are so many online entrepreneurs - folks who learn to create their own websites from scratch, who fearlessly talk to strangers about their side hustle, and record their podcasts sitting in their closets at midnight - afraid of SEO? 

Why does organic traffic feel so unattainable to people who literally make something from nothing every day?

Honestly, I think it's because the SEO industry at large is out to make things seem so difficult that they can get your business. 

  • They harp on scarcity mindset tactics and say you'll never beat out the big corporations on your own.
  • A lot of them are bro marketers who feel slick and scammy.
  • They deliver packages that require ongoing maintenance which doesn't feel anything more than a money grab because it often isn't.
  • They focus exclusively on volume of traffic, sometimes leaning into unethical black-hat SEO tactics.
  • They create impersonal, generic content that drives clicks but instantly repels readers because it doesn't genuinely support the reader's transformation or continued growth with you.

But I've done it as a solopreneur. I've built a site that's been seen by over 2.2 million new users via organic traffic in its lifetime that were hand delivered to me by Google.

  • I've done it as a solopreneur in the highly competitive college admissions and test prep space against folks like Kaplan and Princeton Review.
  • I've done it while wearing all the other hats in my business and at home.
  • I've done it in an ethical way that shared quality information into the greater ecosystem if the internet.
  • I've done it in a way that attracted right-fit clients without pushy sales tactics. 

So I come at SEO and organic marketing from a completely different angle.

I come to organic marketing through the lens of possibility. And through the lens of practicality.

It isn't just about traffic. It's about conversion too. 

My aim is to support you by...

  • Making it as easy as possible for you to meet your ideal prospect in the wilds of the internet by showing you the tremendous opportunities that are out there, ready and waiting for you to write the content to meet that search intent,
  • Sparking renewed excitement about the services you're offering and the content you're creating because you've vetted the data and know it solves a problem people are already searching for a solution to, and
  • Helping you say no, once and for all, to spaghetti-at-the-walls, darts-in-the-dark, energetically depleting marketing strategies so you can create a sustainable, strategic, self-perpetuation, profitable, data-backed organic marketing plan you can't wait to create.

What Is Covered In The 6 Week Online Course?

The Organic Marketing Ecosystem is designed to help you validate your direction in business by mining readily available data and then support you as you craft a sound content plan that will meet your ideal prospect where they are and facilitate the transformation you help them create in their lives.

Timeless SEO Principles

There's a lot of hand wringing in the SEO space over every little change. My thought? Quality content always wins. But there are some timeless SEO principles that you must adhere to for your content to become visible on the search engine results pages and gain organic search traffic. Your website's health is also vital to ensuring a healthy flow of organic traffic - but all metrics are not created equal. I'll walk you through the most important things that you need to take care of ASAP and what you can relax about and put on a future wish list.

Data-Backed Content Plan

You'll walk away from the course with a spreadsheet of keyword research that you've curated and custom-tailored to the business you've so lovingly created. I'll walk you through exactly how to interpret this data and develop a 6-12 month data-backed content plan that stands at the intersection of Google's bots and your ideal prospect's search intent.

Transformation-Focused UX

Your keyword research is a trove of treasure. It holds the keys to the language your ideal prospects are using to describe their challenges and search for the solutions you provide. This gift allows you to meet your prospects where they are, craft empathetic content that resonates deeply with them and, through your expertise as shared via your posts and sales pages, facilitate the next steps in their transformation with your free and paid offerings. 

!The next live-led round of Organic Marketing Ecosystem will be held Tuesdays at 2:30p (Pacific) / 5:30p (Eastern) starting on Tuesday, October 24th.

Here's what we'll be covering, week by week...

  • Tuesday, October 24th: Introducing The Organic Marketing Ecosystem
  • Tuesday, October 31st: How To Conduct Keyword Research Properly
  • Tuesday, November 7th: We’ve Got The Data…Now What?
  • 1 Week Working Break
  • Tuesday, November 21st: Crafting Your Ideal Prospect's Roadmap
  • Tuesday, November 28th: Gettin’ Technical: Website Audit
  • Tuesday, December 5th: Gettin’ Technical: On-Page SEO Best Practices

We will meet LIVE on Zoom for 1 hour each week and you'll have between 30 minutes and 1.5 hours of homework to complete between sessions.

Can't make the live calls? Not a problem! All calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal for you to watch at your convenience.

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