Digital Entrepreneurs'

Online Mastermind

A Group Coaching & Accountability Group

Community for Online Business Owners

Looking for an online mastermind group with a little less talk, a lot more action? If that's you - welcome to the most productive & profitable corner of the internet.

Here, our vibe is all about focus and fun. Because the whole point of starting an online business is to build a life of freedom and flexibility - not a j.o.b. ... but without the benefits.

Whether you're looking for an accountability group that helps you set goals, supports you as you charge towards them, then holds you accountable at the end of every month or you're searching for a group coaching experience that's flexible and affordable and led by someone who's built (and sold) a profitable passive income business online, I've got you covered!

This mastermind isn't like any other virtual mastermind out there.

Here's how Digital Entrepreneurs' Accountability Group and Phone-A-Friend Group Coaching Calls work - individually or in tandem - to support you as you work towards building the online business - and life - of your dreams.

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How The Digital Entrepreneurs' Online Mastermind Works

Most of the online entrepreneurs and small business owners that I know are at tipping points in their businesses. 

They’ve been honing their craft for a long time. They’re ready to level up. But - before they do - they’re often cash-strapped, time-strapped, or both.

While there are many wonderful options for joining a virtual mastermind group, many are either prohibitively expensive or require a significant time commitment. 

I wanted to shift what an online mastermind group conventionally looks like to meet scrappy entrepreneurs like yourself where you are so you can get the group coaching and/or accountability group support that you need in a way that fits into your business and your life's needs at the moment.

With that in mind, I've crafted my Digital Entrepreneurs' Accountability Group and Phone-A-Friend Group Coaching Calls to be as flexible and affordable as possible.

Two Ways To Join The Online Mastermind

Select your preferred mastermind option or combine the two for the complete mastermind experience...

Digital Entrepreneurs' Accountability Group

What's Included In The Accountability Group?

2 Monthly Community Calls | 1st & 3rd week of the month

2 Founders' Hours | 90-minute quiet co-working calls

Online Forum | Community water cooler for collaboration & feedback

Who Is The Accountability Group For?

Digital entrepreneurs who are tired of having "someday" goals. The group is a perfect fit for those who want public-facing goal setting and accountability to keep their most important (but not urgent) profit- and legacy-building goals top of mind and opportunities to continue to learn and grow via educational workshops and collaboration with like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs.

How Much Does The Accountability Group Cost?

$47* (Monthly Membership)

$127* (3 Month Membership)

*This discounted Founder's Rate will be exclusively offered to the first 50 accountability group members when the group launches on September 4th, 2024.

Don't Miss Out! Get On The Waitlist & Save Big When The Group Goes Live on September 4th.

Phone-A-Friend Group Coaching Calls

What's Included In The Group Coaching Calls?

Group Coaching Calls | 60-minute sessions, limited to 4 attendees

Who Is Group Coaching Best For?

Group coaching works best for digital entrepreneurs who want help working through specific challenges in their business or who are in need of feedback at particular crossroads in their business. Great for those who appreciate gaining helpful tips and insight from others.

How Much Does Group Coaching Cost?

Single Session: $75

Package of 3: $195($65 per session)

Package of 6: $360 ($60 per session)

When Does The Online Mastermind Group Meet?

The currently published calendar for both the accountability group and group coaching calls is included below. We maintain a rolling calendar so you'll always have at least 2 months of visibility to what's on the horizon so you can block your calendar accordingly.

That said, here's what you can generally expect for our mastermind meetings...

Digital Entrepreneurs' Accountability Group | Our community calls are typically held on the 1st & 3rd Monday or Friday of the month. We typically offer our Founders' Hours sessions on Mondays, though the times can vary.

Phone-A-Friend Group Coaching | I typically host 1 hour group coaching calls - limited to just 4 clients - on Mondays and Fridays. However, I am flexible! If you're interested in group coaching and the dates below don't work for you, please get in touch! I'm happy to add mutually convenient times when I can.

Online Mastermind Meeting Calendar

Below, you can see the upcoming group coaching sessions on the mastermind calendar. 

Simply select the date and time you'd like to meet and book your first group coaching session for just $25 when you use the discount code FRIEND at checkout.

How Many People Can Join A Group Coaching Session?

I limit each group coaching session to just 4 entrepreneurs.

This ensures that everyone has time in the spotlight to ask their business questions and gain the support they need to:

  • stop the spin cycle and determine their next right business step, 
  • address the mindset blocks that are keeping them from making progress, or
  • discover practical tools or strategies that can help them level up faster.

There's a significant discount on the group coaching sessions offered to those who participate in the Digital Entreprenuers' Accountability Group.

What Will We Work On During The Group Coaching Call?

Because my hour-long virtual mastermind groups are capped at just 4 entrepreneurs, you will be sure to have the floor for at least 15 minutes.

During these sessions, the mastermind group is here to help you...

  • work through any challenges you’re facing in your business, 
  • workshop new ideas before you develop them into products and services,
  • provide accountability to the action you committed to in a previous session, and
  • support you as you optimize your strategic approach and celebrate your wins.

How Much Does The Online Mastermind Cost?

The biggest hindrance I see with most mastermind groups for entrepreneurs is the cost and time commitment required to join. So I've created the following pricing plans to aim to accommodate entrepreneurs and small business owners at every level.

But I want to make sure that we're the perfect fit to work together too, so you can join your first group coaching call for just $25.

Initial Group Coaching Session: $25*

*Use one-time discount code FRIEND when purchasing a single session at checkout.*

After your first group coaching session, you can decide if we’re a good fit to work together on a more regular basis.

If you'd like to move forward with more regular sessions, you can either purchase your mastermind group meetings one-at-a-time or receive a discount by purchasing a 3- or 6-session packages in advance.

You retain complete control of your pace and your investment.

Phone-A-Friend Group Pricing*

Single Session: $75

Package of 3: $195($65 per session)

Package of 6: $360 ($60 per session)

*Group coaching packages are offered at $50 per session for accountability group members.

Meet Your Online Mastermind Host

Meet Lauren Gaggioli, your online business coach.

Hi! I’m Lauren Gaggioli.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2008. In that time, I’ve:

  • built two educational businesses - one in-home tutoring company and one ACT & SAT prep business run entirely via asynchronous online courses,
  • hosted a successful podcast with over 300,000 downloads and 80+ 5-star reviews,
  • sold my asynchronous online course business to a colleague in the industry, and 
  • founded a new company (this one!) where I've created a course about naming your Big Why, DIY SEO course for entrepreneurs, and offer private online business coaching as well as this virtual mastermind.

I'm thoroughly committed to empowering my fellow digital entrepreneurs to build and grow their businesses more strategically and more profitably than I did with my first venture.

I’ve invested thousands of hours (and dollars!) in ongoing education both in practical, tactical online business strategies and in leveling up my mindset. I’ve attended and spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences and met incredible, kind-hearted entrepreneurs, many of whom I now count among my dearest friends.

Through all of this work, I’ve unearthed my Big Why and it is this…

I am here to help others actualize their unrealized potential.

What this pithy little statement does for me is point me to True North each and every day. 

It is my life’s calling to help folks like yourself identify the areas of their businesses where they aren’t fully leveraging the opportunities available to them. Then I help them come up with a plan to take the action necessary to achieve the results they’re looking for.

Helping you fully realize your potential and bring that potential to bear in the marketplace and in your life beyond business is my calling.

So if that sounds like something you could use help with then I am here to support you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m the only one who books a mastermind session?

Winner, winner. Chicken dinner!

While I open up 4 spots for each hour-long group coaching call, if you’re the only person who reserved a spot for the session, you get a private online business coaching session with me for the price of the mastermind session.

If even 1 person signs up, I will be there with bells on prepared to support you and your business goals. 

What kinds of questions should I bring to the mastermind group?

Honestly, you are welcome to bring anything you like that pertains to your business. 

This is a great place to:

  • workshop ideas for new products or services you’d like to offer,
  • get feedback on copy you’ve crafted for your emails or website,
  • talk through specific challenges or roadblocks you’re facing, or
  • discuss your workflow with an eye on improving your systems.

You’re also highly encouraged to bring your wins so we can celebrate with you. It’s always nice to have your success acknowledged by those who understand how hard won those victories are. 

We’re here to join you when you’re on top of the mountain, down in the valley, or anywhere in between on this entrepreneurial adventure. 

How far in advance can I book my group coaching sessions?

You must reserve your spot no later than 48 hours prior to the session, but I have the full schedule published up to 3 months out so you can plan ahead and reserve future meetings on your calendar in advance.

While you’re able to change your reservation until 48 hours prior to the session because, ya know, life happens, I want to help as many entrepreneurs as possible with this mastermind. 

With that spirit of collaboration in mind, please reserve only the times that you’re genuinely committed to attending.

What if I have a package that’s expiring and there aren’t enough open sessions for me to book?

Listen… we’re all professionals here. Please pick a package that you’re reasonably certain you have the time to take full advantage of before it expires.

You have 180 days (about 6 months) to use your packages. And I offer two meetings per week most weeks.

I also keep tabs on how many of your fellow digital entrepreneurs have purchased packages to ensure that I have enough room to accommodate everyone who has reserved time with me.

I do everything in my power to ensure that you will have the access you need to fulfill your packages, but it is your responsibility to show up and use what you have signed up for before the deadline.

What if I prefer private online business coaching to a group mastermind experience?

Prefer to fly solo? That's great too!

You can book a single hour-long session of my private online business coaching offerings below. 

Ready To Get The Support Of An Online Mastermind Group 

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