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Hi! I'm Lauren Gaggioli.

I've been a digital entrepreneur for over a decade and an educator even longer than that.

Nothing brings me greater joy than making complex concepts accessible to a wide audience.

If you're looking for an entrepreneurial speaker who is equal parts motivational and educational, I would love to support the success of your next event.

- Speaking Topics -

A Call To Purpose

I believe that you are never too young - or too old - to begin living an intentional, purpose-driven life.

Today, I express my Big Why - to help myself and others actualize their unrealized potential - by speaking at conferences and schools, encouraging others to stop waiting to do the thing they most dream of doing.

We have a crisis of purpose in our culture. The challenge isn't that we don't know what our innate talents are. It's that we are told that our innate talents are somehow impractical and that there will be some perfect time in the future to go full tilt in the direction of our dreams.

But tomorrow isn't guaranteed to any of us. And full tilt doesn't leave room for an expansive, rich life.

What if we could make progress towards the ideal in the margins of our lives? What if we could do what we most love right now in the messy middle of all the things we must do to keep the lights on and food in our bellies?

What would the world look like if more people spent 15 minutes each day going after the dreams they've relegated to the shelves of tomorrow?

I got my start as an entrepreneur by supporting high school students as they navigated the college admissions process. I've witnessed both the hopelessness of rudderless students and the magnificent resilience of those who were connected to their purpose.

Purpose is a game changer.

My incredible ACT & SAT students inspired me to create Big Why Life, an online course about naming your purpose, the core message of hope and the practical next right steps of which I would be honored to share with your audience.

The Profitable Power Of Imperfect SEO

For solopreneurs and digital entrepreneurs who have more tasks on their to-do lists than there are hours in the day, the idea of tackling search engine optimization can seem utterly overwhelming.

And, yet, there is no other organic marketing tactic I know of that has the same power to exponentially expand your impact and drive consistent revenue in your online business - all without an ad spend - and with the added bonus of allowing you step out of the flow of the 24 hour content creation cycle of social media.

Online business owners cannot afford to ignore Google.

But how can we crack the search engine optimization code when the experts make success feel unattainable?

We do it by identifying the few SEO must-do's that make the biggest impact to our discoverability and we commit to imperfect action on those few core tasks.

How do I know that it works? 

I know because I've done it myself, as a solopreneur in the college admissions space up against corporate engines with marketing teams and ad spends at their disposal.

Despite the competition I was up against in a very crowded vertical, I was able to attract 16,000 new users via organic search each month for 2 years running and 2.2 million lifetime users via organic search over my 7 years of ownership of the company.

Right now, only 3.5% of webpages on the internet receive traffic via organic search. Of those, only 1.5% receive more than 10 views per month.

We can do better.

And I can show you and your audience how to become part of the Organic Marketing Ecosystem in a way that's so logical and accessible that it will make you wonder why you didn't think to tackle SEO years ago.

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