Small Business Consulting

It's time to level up your business's online presence and get your digital marketing strategy right.

If you need help crafting an online business strategy for your company that’s research-backed and Google-friendly, I'm the digital strategist to partner with.

The small business consulting services that I offer are designed to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is inviting the right prospects at the right moment through your business’s doors and then turning those perfect prospects into thrilled clients.

Should you choose to engage with my consulting offerings, together we’ll focus on:

  • increasing organic traffic to your site,
  • providing a clear path to purchase for your new-found prospects,
  • bolstering your bottom line, and
  • ending the burnout cycle in your business once and for all.

The mission critical tasks that have been pinging your brain - the “I gotta dos” that crawl inside your mind, distract you incessantly, and still aren’t done - are wearing you out mentally and keeping you and your business from the most ideal version of success that you’re striving for.

Let's work together and take some of those "I gotta do's" off your plate, strengthen your business's digital presence, and improve your bottom line.

If that sounds like something you and your business would benefit from, click below to reserve time on my calendar to discuss next steps.

Content Catalyst

Are you constantly creating content and hearing crickets or - worse - getting lots of engagement but realizing that the uptick of interest isn’t reflected in your profits?

If so, this is your invitation to stop hustling and start strategizing. 

It's better to do nothing than to work on something that doesn't matter.
It's better to rest than to climb the wrong mountain.

James Clear

Social is sexy, but it’s a bottomless pit. The hungriest hippo of them all.

You know who can continually reward you for your content efforts?

Uncle Google.

But pleasing Google over the long haul doesn't feel as satisfying as Zuck and his ilk who dish up instant gratification on the reg. 

Dopamine hits (and mental depletion) for days!

Listen: I’m not saying you should avoid social completely. What I am saying is that you shouldn't feed the social machine until you’ve taken care of Client Zero: Google.

Client Zero?

You know how in a pandemic there’s a Patient Zero? It’s kind of like that.

Google is Client Zero. It's the place where a consistent, money-making fervor for your business should begin.


Because when people have questions, they ask Google.

If you know exactly how your prospects ask the questions they have right before they buy whatever it is you sell, you can position your content as the answer Google serves up to those who are in desperate need of whatever it is you offer.

Generally, Uncle Google doesn’t dish up social posts. He most consistently rewards high quality pages and posts from websites with quality behavior metrics.

I know because I generated four- and five-figures of organic (i.e. FREE) traffic month-over-month in my first business and even got to the coveted first page of Google with a number of pages and posts in a pretty crowded niche.

This traffic directly led to five-figures of passive income for 7 consecutive years until I sold the company in 2021.

Low investment of time (less than 4 hours per week) for significant financial returns (more than part-time income I would've made working for someone else) is what online business success looked like for me as I moved to a new state and had 2 kids.

Now I’m here to help you find your version of success - whatever that may be.

If you’re ready to get off the hamster wheel of never-ending content creation and simultaneously turn your trickle of traffic into a deluge, I’ve got you covered.

Content Catalyst: 5 Steps To Strategic Content Creation

Together we’ll journey through the Content Catalyst system and execute my 5 step plan to help you get more organic traffic while doing (a lot) less work.

Step 1: Asset Audit

What have you built so far? A website? An email list? A podcast? A social following? Let’s examine where you’re starting, assess what’s working, and figure out what’s no longer serving you or your clients.

Step 2: Visionary Interview

Help me understand your business’s journey so far. I’ll interview you to learn more about your vision for the business upon founding, where it is now, and how you envision it growing in the future. This is a safe place for honest assessment of what’s working (and what’s not) and Blue Sky Thinking about the future. 

Step 3: Keyword Research

Combining where you are with where you want to be, I’ll come up with a list of research-backed keywords to help you level-up online. These are the searches your ideal clients are making right now that are leading them to your competitors’ websites rather than yours. Knowledge is power. We can’t know the traffic you’re missing out on until we unearth these terms. 

Step 4: Client Map

Once we know what your target client is searching for online, we’ll collaborate to craft a client map populated with the actual terms those prospects are searching for. This map will illuminate the path that guides prospects from search engine queries to your website’s content and directly to the products and services that you offer.

Step 5: Strategic Content Plan

Less aimless motion. More momentum. Quit flapping around and become a steadfast beacon to Uncle Google and your ideal client. I’ll craft a crystal clear SEO-optimized six-month content marketing plan that will turn your website into a digital lead-generating machine. 

BONUS: Alliance Assessment

It’s impossible to create the strongest possible SEO in a vacuum. As an added bonus to plus up our research-backed content marketing plan, I’ll generate creative ways you can begin to build all important white-hat backlinks by connecting with other small business owners who are in fields that are complementary to your own. 

Choose Your Pricing Plan


  • Content Catalyst 5 Step Plan
  • 6 Month SEO-Optimized Content Plan
  • BONUS: Optimal On-Page SEO Tips
  • BONUS: Alliance Assessment


  • Content Catalyst 5 Step Plan
  • 6 Month SEO-Optimized Content Plan
  • Strategy Implemented By My Trusted Copywriting Professionals
  • BONUS: Alliance Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Catalyst

Umm...what do I do with the Strategic Content Plan?

You can either DIY the six-month plan following the tips for optimizing on-page SEO that I'll provide or you can opt for one of my amazing content creation partners to do all of the work for you.

All. Of. It. 

Done. (And done right so it attracts the greatest possible positive attention from Google.)

Doesn’t that sound nice? More traffic and you don’t lift a finger?

No more beating yourself up over the never-ending task list or trying to take on everything yourself. No more going it alone. It’s time to level up and run your business like a boss.

Let's partner up and get it done.

Plus, when you opt for Content Catalyst + Done-For-You Content Creation Services, my partners and I spread the cost of the project across a 7-month contract to ensure that the project will be financially feasible and you won’t get slammed with start up costs on the front end.

I want your experience working with me to be a massive success, but the best strategy in the world is useless without implementation.

It takes a research-backed plan paired with smart, SEO-savvy writing consistently executed over time to court The Goog.

Successful Content Marketing

Be really, really, really honest with yourself about your stick-to-itness before opting in for just Content Catalyst.

If your plan will just get dusty on a shelf, go for the full service or don’t do it at all.

What happens after the strategic content plan has been implemented over the first six months?

If you love your newfound traffic, cash flow, and freedom (who wouldn’t?!), we can do it all again!

After completing the initial few months of work together, you, me, and my content creation friends will have laid a super solid foundation for future collaboration because we’ll be all settled into a groove of awesomeness with you and your business.

Since we'll already be in a rhythm, it won’t take nearly as long in for us to spin up your next 6 month content plan.

In the future, if you continue to work with us, you’ll reap even greater rewards.

We’ll keep this success-generating party a-rollin’ as long as you keep inviting me and my friends to help you.

(And, trust us, once you see what this does for you and your business, boy-oh-boy will you want to invite us to keep on keeping on.)

Ready To Get Started?

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