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Part 1: Turning Inward

Your purpose is already here. It lives inside you. But life has a way of covering it up and hiding our most precious treasure - even from ourselves. And so we begin here, taking time to turn inward and uncover what already exists within us so we can then bring it forth and share it with the world.

Module 1: Outside In

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Module 2: Inside Out

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Module 3: Blue Sky Dreaming

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Part 2: Your Big Why

We've taken the time to pull up our most precious treasures from inside ourselves. We've charged the needle on our compass by naming our most closely held values. In the next 2 modules, we'll craft our Big Why Statement. This statement of purpose is informed by our values so we can ensure that the actions we choose to take are in alignment with the values we most wish to embody and the impact we most wish to make throughout our lives.

Module 4: Big Why Statement (Part 1)

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Module 5: Big Why Statement (Part 2)

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Part 3: Living Your Big Why Life

Module 7: Every Day Magic

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Module 8: Becoming More Me

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Finding Your Purpose

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