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Meet your online business coach, fellow digital entrepreneur Lauren Gaggioli

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I’m Lauren, and I adore the magic of the internet for its power to bring digital entrepreneurs like us together.

The internet is magic.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably always been a little bit obsessed with understanding how the world - particularly the business world - works.

Beyond the business plans I used to draw up as a kid, my official journey as an entrepreneur began in 2009 with the founding a boutique in-home tutoring company that served families throughout Southern California.

After my packed tutoring schedule resulted in me driving 11,000 miles in just 6 months and, subsequently, rarely seeing my husband, I decided to shift to an online business model in January 2014.

I began a new venture as an online solopreneur teaching ACT & SAT prep exclusively through asynchronous online courses. 

Hellooooo passive income!

Ok - it wasn’t passive income right away. In fact, it was very, very active. 

It took time and effort to build trust and traffic. But it was absolutely worth it. 

And there is just one person I have to thank for the amazing lifestyle freedom I was able to create with that online business...


Or, as I call him, Uncle Google.

As I play my online business journey back in my mind, the single most consistent marketing avenue I leveraged was search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO allowed me to...

  • Make my mortgage in 2 weeks...while fully unplugged on a European vacation
  • Live the 4 Hour Work Week dream while having two kids and surviving a pandemic
  • Escape the endless content creation loop that the bottomless bucket of social media marketing encourages
  • Sell my first online business so I could support my friends and fellow entrepreneurs as they discover the timeless SEO principles that make a real impact on their reach and revenue

I love being a digital entrepreneur.

And I love the freedom that SEO provides all business owners who choose to learn how to leverage the power of Google to turn strangers on the internet into happy clients and new-found friends.

I’ll say it again: the internet is straight-up magic.

And if you want to learn how to harness that shine to up your impact and your income too, I'd love to help you...

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We grow stronger online businesses when we work side-by-side. But where can you find like-minded folks to learn from and collaborate with? From entrepreneur workshops to a drop-in mastermind to an online accountability group and beyond, I've got you covered!

If you need help navigating the ever-changing world of digital entrepreneurship and organic marketing while balancing your business goals with an intention to live a life of purpose, I'm your gal.

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...I cannot wait to work with you!

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