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Meet your online business coach, fellow digital entrepreneur Lauren Gaggioli

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I’m Lauren, and I adore the magic of the internet for its power to bring digital business owners like us together.

Let’s be real: Uncle Google is amazing.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably always been a little bit obsessed with understanding how the world - particularly the business world - works.

Beyond the business plans I used to draw up as a kid, my official journey as an entrepreneur began in 2009 with the founding a boutique in-home ACT & SAT tutoring company that served families throughout Southern California.

After my packed tutoring schedule resulted in me driving 11,000 miles in just 6 months and, subsequently, rarely seeing my husband. So, in 2014, I decided to shift my business model and began a new venture as a digital entrepreneur teaching test prep exclusively through asynchronous online courses. 

Hellooooo passive income!

Ok, well, it wasn’t passive income right away. In fact, it was very, very active. 

It took time and effort to build trust and traffic. But, in the end, it was absolutely worth investing that principle because it has reaped tremendous rewards in my life.

I could not be more grateful for the freedom and flexibility that my online business has afforded my family.

For the last four years, my business has practically run itself while I swapped my SoCal beach backdrop for the beautiful pines and misty mountains of the Pacific Northwest and welcomed two hilarious humans to the world.

Working less than four hours per week while full-time momming has been a tremendous blessing for myself and for my family.

I’ll say it again: the internet is straight-up magic.

Now that we’re settled here in Seattle and the kids are (nearly) out of diapers, I’m thrilled to share that I’ve sold my first online business and I’m ready to turn my attention to helping you, my fellow online entrepreneur, turn your business into the venture of your absolute dreams.

Services To Support Digital Entrepreneurs

Need help building the online business of your dreams? I'm here to support you!

Content Strategy Consulting

Ready to jump start your organic marketing efforts and get in Google's good graces? This done-for-you strategy and implementation service is perfect for the entrepreneur who is ready to fully hand off marketing tasks to a team with a proven track record.

Online Business Coaching

Have an issue in your business that requires urgent troubleshootingNeed a reset on your entrepreneurial mindset? Sign up for a one-on-one coaching session, and I will come alongside you to help support your personal and business growth.

Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

Tired of facing challenges in your online business without feedback you can trust? Group masterminds are a fantastic way to get out of your echo chamber, top up your entrepreneurial motivational tank, and even make a friend or two!

If you want help navigating the ever-changing world of digital entrepreneurship, I'm your gal!

I thrive on the challenge of organic content marketing (particularly blog strategy, podcasting, and conversion copywriting), online course creation, and overarching digital business strategy. 

Whether you’re seeking...

...I cannot wait to work with you!

See ya real soon!