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Organic marketing is the single most important marketing effort any business can undertake. Because, done well, organic marketing has the power to increase your business's visibility, impact, and revenue.

Despite organic marketing agencies out there professing otherwise, the truth is that quality organic marketing doesn't require expensive tools or a high-octane organic content creation team.

I know this is true because I built a website in a very crowded niche packed that drove 2.2 million unique users via organic search. And I did it as a solopreneur.

My imperfectly executed organic marketing efforts paid off for me both financially and in the lifestyle freedom it afforded.

And now I'm sharing exactly how I built a profitable online business via organic marketing with you.

Why Your Business Requires A Quality Organic Marketing Plan

As solopreneurs and side-hustlers, we genuinely love the businesses we've chosen to create. We've poured our hearts and souls into the services and products we've carefully crafted to be the very best in our respective industries. 

But, in the fervor of the multitude of steps it takes to create a core business offering, we can make one fatal mistake: we assume that our ideal prospects will be magnetically drawn to us, and - when they do find us - that they will immediately recognize the full implication of the value of our product or service.

There's no shortage of things to do when running your own business. And having a quality core offering is absolutely vital. However, there's a riff on an old adage that I and so many of my entrepreneurial friends have learned the hard way...

If you build it, they won't come.

So what's an entrepreneur to do? If you've poured all this love and care and time into creating your business but can't seem to find ideal prospects to buy in, what should you do next?

Empower Google As Your Primary Sales Rep

If becoming buddy-buddy with Google seems intimidating, I totally get it.

On the surface, it's overwhelming. However, this is a mental hurdle you must leap over in order to have a strong organic marketing plan.

Here's why...

When people have a problem they are ready to solve, they seek answers via Google.

It's as simple as that.

All Google does all day long is connect information seekers with information providers.

If you're in business, you solve a problem that people are asking about Google about. Therefore it is incumbent upon you to make sure your website can be found in that moment when your ideal prospect is asking Google for answers.

Furthermore, there are ways that you can find the exact language that people are searching in Google when they need your help.

Then you as a business owner can reverse-engineer the path for your ideal prospect from SEO queries that leads directly to your products and services.

So always remember this...

Uncle Google is in desperate need of the quality content that you're already creating. 

And he needs your help to find it so he can share it for you.

Helping Uncle Google find and understand your content so he can share it for you is precisely what SEO is all about.

See - not so scary after all!

Data + Heart = Organic Marketing Magic

A little bit of SEO knowhow paired with empathy for your ideal prospect and thoughtfully crafted content that blends the needs of your human users with the needs of Google's bots is the winning ticket for an organic marketing plan that gets your website out of obscurity and into the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

But it all starts with SEO.

Timeless SEO Principles

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